Schematics and Pinouts – 2003 – 2006 GM FULL SIZE TRUCK/SUV CLUSTER

Connector Part Information
    • 12110088


    • 24-Way F Micro-Pack 100 Series (GRY)
Pin Wire Color Circuit No. Function
A1 BRN/WHT 419 MIL Control
A2 DK BLU 507 Wait to Start Indicator Control (Diesel Only)
A3 BLK/WHT 174 Low Washer Fluid Indicator Supply Voltage (Except 4.3L w/o YE9)
A4 DK GRN/WHT 817 Vehicle Speed Signal
A5 WHT 121 Engine Speed Signal
A6 GRY 1036 IPC Class 2 Serial Data
A7 -- -- Not Used
A8 DK BLU 2115 Right Turn Signal Lamps Supply Voltage
A9 DK BLU 2713 Supplemental Brake Assist Signal (w/ SBA)
A10 DK GRN/WHT 1932 Transmission Shift Select Switch (Park) Signal
A11 RED 2353 Instrument Panel Lamps Dimming Supply Voltage
A12 BLK 1050 Ground
B1 LT BLU 2114 Left Turn Signal Lamps Supply Voltage
B2-B3 -- -- Not Used
B4 ORN 1816 DIC Mode Switch Signal
B5 DK BLU 894 DIC Toggle Switch Signal
B6 DK GRN/WHT 1358 DIC Switch Signal
B7 YEL 1327 DIC Fuel Signal
B8 -- -- Not Used
B9 PNK 639 Ignition 1 Voltage (w/o 8S8)
PNK 739 Ignition 1 Voltage (w/ 8S8)
B10 -- -- Not Used
B11 ORN 2840 Battery Positive Voltage (w/o 8S8)
ORN 4540 Battery Positive Voltage (w/ 8S8)
B12 BLK/WHT 1851 Ground