Schematics and Pinouts – 2003 – 2006 GM FULL SIZE TRUCK/SUV CLUSTER

Connector Part Information


    •24-Way F Micro-Pack 100 Series (GRY)
PinWire ColorCircuit No.Function
A1BRN/WHT419MIL Control
A2DK BLU507Wait to Start Indicator Control (Diesel Only)
A3BLK/WHT174Low Washer Fluid Indicator Supply Voltage (Except 4.3L w/o YE9)
A4DK GRN/WHT817Vehicle Speed Signal
A5WHT121Engine Speed Signal
A6GRY1036IPC Class 2 Serial Data
A7----Not Used
A8DK BLU2115Right Turn Signal Lamps Supply Voltage
A9DK BLU2713Supplemental Brake Assist Signal (w/ SBA)
A10DK GRN/WHT1932Transmission Shift Select Switch (Park) Signal
A11RED2353Instrument Panel Lamps Dimming Supply Voltage
B1LT BLU2114Left Turn Signal Lamps Supply Voltage
B2-B3----Not Used
B4ORN1816DIC Mode Switch Signal
B5DK BLU894DIC Toggle Switch Signal
B6DK GRN/WHT1358DIC Switch Signal
B7YEL1327DIC Fuel Signal
B8----Not Used
B9PNK639Ignition 1 Voltage (w/o 8S8)
PNK739Ignition 1 Voltage (w/ 8S8)
B10----Not Used
B11ORN2840Battery Positive Voltage (w/o 8S8)
ORN4540Battery Positive Voltage (w/ 8S8)