These are forms needed for some of our services including Mail in Services



Odometer Disclaimer Form

You can print this form and include it with your cluster if you are sending it in for mileage correction or an exchange and you wish a different mileage to be programmed into a new cluster.

Work Order

Print and use this form if you are sending us a part to repair, convert, or program. This can be a Radio, Cluster, HMI, or ATC.


Item Exchange Form

Print this form and include it with your Cluster or ATC if you are sending it in for us to swap out for one of our pre-built units.

Guarantee Work Order

We provide a guarantee behind all out items. If for any reason an item fails within the warranty period please sent our unit back with this form so we can fix or replace it.

Don't want to exchange? No Problem, It is optional on most items!

Visit our Store or give us a call to get one sent to you first. 

Visit Our Store

With one of the largest inventory of Stock and Custom Clusters Available we can ship out cluster within one business day of an order.

Place a Phone Order

Want to deal with a human? Fill out a quick questionnaire about your vehicle, Submit and then call us during business hours at 860-583-0629 to finish your order.